you make it.
We market it.
we sell it.

Savannah’s Local Online Marketplace for the Service Industry

We eliminate the challenges…

need to learn a new platform

Marketing your Service

getting found more often

… by providing you with the service you need

promoting your offers

We add marketing Creativity

more visibility = more sales

Adding a new revenue stream has never been easier

You’ve seen other sites that will allow you to promote your service, offer or deals. You know the ones that take a big portion of your sales.  Well we want to support the local community and want to grow along with you, our monthly flat fee model allows you to not only promote your business but also make a profit.

List your promotion on a platform that has a built in following and is backed by a team of digital marketers. We invite you to take a closer look and join the Live Like Locals Marketplace.

Here are the benefits to getting started with the Savannah Marketplace


  • promote your offer/deal
  • sell your offer/deal
  • promote your offer/deal on Social Media
  • process offer/deal 


  • Provide an irresistible offer to our customers 

We’re invested in your promotions!

Your promotions/deals are great offers for our Live Like Locals Savannah brand. OUR customers become your customers so we have an invested interest in putting your offer in front of as many potential customers as possible. Your success becomes our success. 

Lifetime 50% off discount

All companies who join now and continue on will be grandfathered in at the price point selected today, so even if monthly prices go up, your price will stay the same. 

Ready to get started!

Receive 50% off now by simply signing up now and talking with our represetative about the best offer suggestions to get the results we all want to receive.

Reg. $59.00 +20% transaction fee

Or get one year free by advertising one month in our direct mail promotion!

No monthly fees for one year, just transaction fee.