Target Specific Therapeutic Massage


Combat Inflammation & Promote Healthy Tissue Mobility
Scar or Targeted Body Area

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Sold By: PT Massage

Sold By: PT Massage

Sold By: PT Massage

Did you know that a therapeutic massage can help with body scars? Are you experiencing tightness from stress? Are you having problems with old body injuries?

This 80 minute therapeutic massage will target that problem area that you so need help with.

For work on a specific scar and surrounding tissue or a specific body area like the shoulders/neck that may be inhibited by full function; will include special cbd topical ointment (isolate not full spectrum for those in government jobs etc that aren’t allowed full spectrum) for combating inflammation and promoting healthy tissue mobility; includes a 20 minute repose (nap) rest, gather your thoughts, meditate, sleep for 20 minutes after the session is complete.

Please note a specific area must be chosen does not include a full body massage.

You must pass screening and agree to protocols before a booking will be made. *if you feel ill or have been ill within the past 18 days please do not book until you’re feeling completely well and have tested negative for covid-19. *The above applies to any recent hospitalizations as well as if you’ve been in contact with anyone that has experienced these symptoms; has tested positive; or has recently been hospitalized.


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