you make it.
We market it.
we sell it.

Savannah’s Local Online Marketplace for product creators

We eliminate the challenges…

need to learn a new platform

Marketing your product

getting found more often

… by providing you with the service you need

Manage Your online Products

We add marketing Creativity

more visibility = more sales

Adding a new revenue stream has never been easier

You’ve seen other sites that will allow you to list your products, you know that ones that require you to be a web developer, a marketing expert and technical support.  Well we do all the digital heavy lifting for you.  This allows you to focus on what you love, developing impactful products.

List your products on a platform that has a built in following and is backed by a team of digital marketers. We invite you to take a closer look and join the Live Like Locals Marketplace.

Here are the benefits to getting started with the Savannah Marketplace


  • upload your products
  • market your products
  • sell your products
  • promote your products on Social Media
  • process orders and submit to you


  • Provide quality products
  • Fulfill orders

We’re invested in your product!

Simply select the number of items you want to place in the marketplace and we’ll do the rest. We’ll strategically select and create the right product packages to produce sales. We do all the marketing, promotion, order processing and collect a 15% commission on every item sold. 

Lifetime  75% off discount

All companies who join now and continue on will be grandfathered in at the price point selected today, so even if monthly prices go up, your price will stay the same. 

Ready to get started!

Receive 75% off now by selecting the number of items you want featured in the marketplace. All accounts signing up now will be permanently kept at initial price. 

5 Products for $15/mo.

+15% Commision on each item sold.  Regular price of service $59.00

10 Products for $25/mo.

+15% Commission on each item sold. Regular price of service $99.00

15 Products for $49/mo.

+15% Commission on each item sold. Regular price of service $199.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the Live Like Locals Savannah Marketplace?

The Live Like Locals Savannah Marketplace is run by a team of talented digital marketers who's goal is to reach as many locals and have them connected with businesses in our marketplace. 

The marketplace handles marketing, promoting and encouraging new sales. We understand the more we sell, the more successful we all become. 

Why do I have to pay a monthly fee plus a commission?

You can view the monthly fee like a cooperative advertising budget by each company making a contribution that allows us to consistantly promote the entire marketplace, bringing awareness and sales to our platform. 

The commission is our incentive to consistantly find creative ways to sell your product. The more we sell the more we all make. 

Why should I part with 15% of my product sales?

What should be the cost of marketing, promoting and sales? We believe that companies actually spend more than that on a yearly basis. 

Once this platform begins to generate sales, it should be considered the cost of doing business. The fact we keep the percentage the same for everyone prevents us from working harder for someone who pays us bigger percentages. If you have one company pay 15% and the other paying 30% whose product would you sell?

What happens once I sign-up to the program?

Once you sign up we will review your company information and products. We will then have a team member reach out to you to discuss which products will work best in the marketplace. We will select the right products. 

We will also review promotional ideas, fullfilment, and customer satisfaction. All key components to a successful online business.